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Teresa Bulit-Gordon, Core Energetics Practitioner

Teresa Bulit-Gordon

  • Health
  • Bodywork, Counseling, Energy Healing, Spirituality

Essential Information

31 Pleasant Street
Greenwich, CT 06807


Body-Oriented Process Work

Core Energetics is a powerful experiential body-oriented approach to personal transformation. It integrates mind, body, emotions , and spirit to bring about a greater awareness of yourself and a deeper experience of your feelings.

Often we go about our lives enacting patterns of behavior and living out core beliefs that can be traced to childhood, our upbringing or cultural/societal norms. As a transformation facilitator, I help you connect to and transform these underlying themes and beliefs by way of your body.

Your body holds every experience, both joyous and painful. The effects of these experiences cause our bodies to contract and old history and frozen feelings become held in the body in the form of an energy block. These blocks manifest as muscular tensions in our body and hold fixed and rigid belief systems.

Through the use of Core Energetic techniques we will work to free the energy blocks and release frozen feelings and old history that is held in your body. The results are:

• An increased awareness of the chronic and destructive patterns that have ruled your life,

• A restoration of the flow of energy in the body leaving you more energized and empowered,

• A reclaiming of your autonomy, vitality, and power bringing forth the creative expression of your true self in the world!

• Change that is not only understood at the level of your mind, but in your body, emotions, and soul leading you to healthier, happier, and more vibrant life!

I offer Individual sessions, Process Groups, and Experiential workshops

Please give me a call at 203.570.2876 to explore how I might be able to help you. For more information about me and Core Energetics you may also view my website at http://www.awakentoyoucore.com

Offices in Greenwich, CT and NYC, NY

Additional Information

Website: http://www.awakentoyourcore.com

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