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Reach Natural Awakenings readers with a Classified Ad. 

Every edition of Natural Awakenings features a classified section that is read by thousands of people.
Classified ads are $25 for the first 25 words and $1 per extra word. Telephone numbers count as one word.

This sample would cost $25.00:

TREATMENT ROOM FOR RENT  Beautiful, private, clean room in tranquil setting. Close to downtown. Deposit required. $600 per month. Utilities included. Call Cindy at 555-5555.

If you have any questions please contact NicoleM@NaturalAwakeningsMag.com

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Magazine Classified Listing Guidelines

  • All classified ads must be submitted online.
  • We only accept PayPal for classified ad payments, which are due upon submission.
  • Submission deadline: The cut-off date for each month’s issue is the 12th of the preceding month.  We appreciate and encourage people to send their listings in as soon as possible to give us time to prepare the magazine. All listings must be resubmitted each month.
  • Price per listing: $25 for the first 25 words, including headline, and $1 per additional word. Website and email addresses count as two words.
  • Forms may time-out on your computer, so it may be best to copy and paste your information from an offline document. This will also make it easier for you to add an Online Classified.
  • Use the TAB key to go from field to field, do not hit Enter.
  • Confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation of receipt of your classified submission and payment. If you do not receive this confirmation, you must contact FFCadvertising@NaturalAwakeningsMag.com to verify receipt.

Questions? Please email us at FFCadvertising@NaturalAwakeningsMag.com